Authoritarian Parenting Style

Authoritarian Parenting Style, and why it can be favorable,

   Mar 26

authoritarian parenting style

Authoritarian Parenting Style,

and why it can be favorable,

in raising successful and good rounded children.


The Authoritarian Parenting Style is an incredibly strict form of parenting that expects a young child to adhere to policies and restrictions set out by the moms and dads with little or no input or communication from the child. This type of style seems harsh, rigid emotional that is low in parental responsiveness the nurturing feature of the infant and immoderate in parental demandingness control over the girl or boy.

However when you take a good look around you now and how the kids of today are doing, just what do you think is the problem now-a-days? Lack of parenting or afraid to be a parent?



Open communication is usually not an selection in this type of authoritarian parenting style. Authoritarian mothers and fathers feel they’re the boss and their children need to conform to the their demands devoid of question.

The rules are expected to be adhered to with no room for negotiation. The consequence of breaking a rule is absolute punishment. Yelling and Spanking of younger children is often resorted to for strategy of self-control and control over their behavior.

Excessive standards of behaviour are expected and severe advantages is placed on obedience having indisputable respect for authority with Authoritarian Parenting.

Generally Authoritarian Parenting typically are not very emotional or affectionate and are usually crucial of their children in the event that they fail to fulfill their expectations.

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